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API extension over HSMWorks system for importing and editing toolpath from generated NC codes and CLDat of other CAM systems. The application creates toolpaths directly in the CLData of the HSMWorks system. This allows the user to simulate toolpaths and generate NC codes using the postprocessors available in that CAM system. It is in fact a converter of NC codes between control systems.

The superstructure includes a simple text editor for editing imported paths and a control module used to display the tool path using OpenGL.
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The NejkovAddin application was created and is developed by Nejkov s.r.o. in cooperation with external programmers. The source codes are fully owned by Nejkov s.r.o. The application can be further extended and improved based on user requests and reactions. Nejkov s.r.o. would like to thank the technical support and the HSMWorks development team for their support and modifications to the source code to enable the functionality of NejkovAddin in the HSMWorks environment. The superstructure would not have been created without the advice and sample source code from other HSMWorks programmers and users who responded to our requests on the appropriate forums.


Minimum requirements and installation

Of course, a working installation of SolidWorks with the HSMWorsk CAM system on Windows 64bit is required. The application is supported from HSMWorks version 2022 R0.43860 onwards. It is not installed. Simply copy the appropriate files to any directory on the computer disk and register the Nejkov.AddIn.SW.dll library. The AddinInstallUtility.exe application is available to facilitate writing to the Windows Registry.
This entry (library registration) adds a new add-in called NejkovAddin to SolidWorks.


Purchase License, Trial Version

Without a valid license, the application will allow a maximum of 50 tool movements to be imported. Otherwise, it is not limited in any way and offers all available tools. If a valid license is not available, every time SolidWorks is started, a window is displayed with the option to use the trial version "Try" or "Activate" the license.



A license file must be available to activate the license. This can be requested by sending a "Serial Number" to the following email address: An advance invoice will then be sent and the license file will be sent upon payment. After the license is activated, the license file is copied to the directory "C:\Users\.....\AppData\Roaming\Nejkov.Addin", from where it is checked by the system. Deleting the file from that directory will cancel the license.

The license cannot be transferred between multiple computers. It is bound only to the computer from which the license request was generated. The license is not bound to or controlled by SolidWorks or HSMWorks licenses in any way. The application also runs on trial versions of HSMWorks.

Nejkov LLC offers the NejkovAddin application for the price of $370 without VAT.


Download the NejkovAddin application

Current version of the application: 20210515 ..........




Import of the track from the *.TXT file

Track import from NC code for Heidenhain iTNC530

Track import from CLDat CAM system Hypermill 18

Importing a 5-axis track from NC code for FANUC systém

Importing a path from NC code and manually editing it in a *.TXT file

Example of using the path editor

Display of imported paths outside the simulation



Request a license